Our Products

Get the best quality latex for your rubberized product needs! We have the expertise to provide tailor made solutions for any industry requirement – from gloves, condoms and foam to rubber bands, balloons and more. Our raw materials are the finest in the market, guaranteeing the best results every time. Plus, with our efficient transportation fleet, we ensure timely delivery of your consignments worldwide. Get ready for optimal performance with NAP LATEX!

Our top-notch centrifuged latex is made from the finest materials for a product that's reliable and long-lasting. Enjoy unmatched reliability with our services, and never worry about compromising on quality.

  1. 60% CENTRIFUGED LATEX - Centrifugation is used to convert natural rubber latex into a high-quality concentrate with a 60% dry rubber content. According to customer demands, both HA and LATZ variants are available.
  2. DOUBLE CENTRIFUGED LATEX (DC) - High-tech dipped products like condoms, examination gloves, catheters, etc. demand a purer form of concentrated latex. Usually, a second stage of centrifuging is used to accomplish this. High-quality double centrifuged latex has excellent storage capabilities.
  3. SPECIALITY LATEX - Specialty natural rubber (SpNR) latex has been produced to meet specific product and customer requirements.
  4. SKIM CREEPE RUBBER – Being a by-product of the centrifuging process, it is cost-effectively employed in several non-critical applications. This rubber cures quickly. As a result, the manufacturer can reduce the price of the accelerator dosage.
  5. RIBBED SMOKED SHEETS (RSS-1) - Produced from natural rubber latex as ribbed sheets, by coagulation with acids and sheeting, properly air dried and smoked, and visually graded.
  6. PALE LATEX CREPE (PLC-1X) - Available to customers in a variety of specifications, is renowned for its usability and damage resistance. It is applied in a variety of industrial settings.